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Fall 2017

Item 1. How to copy bookmarks:

Item 2. How to access saved usernames and passwords:

Item 3. Manually Backup your music in iTunes:

Item 4. Backup your Stickies:

Item 5: Back Up Your Photos or iPhoto Library Manually:


  1. You can manually back up the image libraries used by Photos or iPhoto to an external drive, including a USB flash drive, or you can use a backup application to perform the task for you.  Start with manually making a copy.
  2. The Photos or iPhoto Library is located at:  /Users/username/Pictures 
  3. To get there, double-click the icon for your hard drive to open it, and then double-click the Users folder. Double-click your Home folder, which is identified by a house icon and your username, and then double-click the Pictures folder to open it.
  4. You can also just open a Finder window and select Pictures from the sidebar. Inside the Pictures folder, you'll see a file called either Photos Library or iPhoto Library (you may have both if you're using both apps).
  5. Copy the Photos Library or iPhoto Library file to a location other than your hard drive, such as an external drive.
  6. Repeat this process whenever you import new photos into Photos or iPhoto, so you'll always have a current backup of each library.
  7. Note: If you've created multiple iPhoto libraries, be sure to back up each iPhoto Library file.

Item 6: Smoothwall Certificate for your iDevice or Android Device

  • Download the following file for the filter certificate: SmoothWall Certificate
  • Once the download is complete, tap the certificate to install it on your device as a profile.